Eye of the majestic creature

volume: 1
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 128:

Eye of the Majestic Creature is a collection of semi-autobiographical and fantasy-based comics that combine dry humor, psychedelia, and emotion to show the viewpoint of one person’s world internally and externally. The story follows a young girl, Larrybear, and her talking acoustic guitar Marshmallow on their adventures through the countryside, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. While Larrybear struggles to connect with strangers, her friends, and her family to various degrees of success, her growing population of anthropomorphic friends have adventures of their own.

Larrybear is in a constant struggle between the desire to connect with those around her and to be left to her own devices. You get a glimpse of her past life when she visits her home town of Chicago, trying to relate to old friends who have not matured since high school, as well as her family (which includes her Hippopotamus father and his harem of ex-wives, two brothers, and Salsa-dancing mom). In the present, she moves to New York to find work for a time, resulting in many hilarious and drunken adventures with her new coworkers at a cell phone decorating shop, and her old friend Boris, who shares with her his P.G. Wodehouse books, as well as his “Incredible Hulk” weed. Drawn in shades of gray using the near-deceased practice of stippling, Stein’s imagery draws you into her world for a complete and engrossing experience.

"Based on the colorful cover and that this collection surrounds a young woman named Larrybear and her walking, talking guitar, Marshmallow, this graphic novel's strength is that you don't see it coming. …[T]he stories are psychedelically situational ones that find Larrybear moving between loneliness and contentment in being by herself." – Clare R. Lopez, Filter

"Wow. Bullet list time: A little bit of surreality; a lot of great, expressive, exaggerated, and sometimes adorable cartooning; a creator (Leslie Stein) who isn't afraid to mix up art styles and who drops little Easter eggs into the narrative; and, finally, a story that is as emotionally impactful as a tale of pretty much living a relatively normal life can be. Great book…. [Rating] 9/10" – Jeremy Nisen, Under the Radar

"If... you don't mind wading through a mind-numbing parade of anthropomorphic heroes, trippy psychedelia and ridiculous flights of fancy, Leslie Stein's semi-autobiographical, sharply witty comic is a charming debut that's brought to life by crisp artwork. ...[I]f you're willing to throw yourself into the author's surreal world and get to know Larrybear and Marshmallow better, this heart-warming, deeply odd collection is a joy from cover to cover." – David McComb, Bizarre

Praise for Leslie Stein:

“Leslie Stein’s comics inhabit a charming and semi-autobiographical (in the most ‘semi’ sense of the word) yet surreal, insular world where her best friend and closest confidant is an acoustic guitar. What’s not to relate to?” — Peter Bagge

“Early in the 20th Century, a beautiful cartoonist, Marcel Duchamp, pretended to be a marginally attractive woman and spent considerable time watching dust accumulate. Early in the 21st Century a beautiful cartoonist, Leslie Stein, pretended to be a funky dweeb and spent considerable time counting sand. Catch my drift?” — Gary Panter

“Visual inventiveness combined with a high level of wit.” — Michael Kupperman

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