Faceless and the Family (signed edition)

publisher: Matt Lesniewski
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 152:

A small group of outcasts from different scenarios all on the outskirts of regular society come together over time and form a bond. They never belonged anywhere or have been exiled from normalcy, for their own reasons, and this is how they relate to one another. All the misfits are looking for something; Faceless: a new face so he can reconnect with his loved ones, Giant Jerry: new memories, Carp: a sense of real love and family, Highway Hal: his long lost wife, Jan.

Think of it like an even weirder, yet heartfelt spin on The Wizard of Oz, but completely it’s own. A sci-fi/ post apocalyptic journey with strange and lovable characters.

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