The Complete Far Side

artist: Gary Larson
series: Far Side
publisher: Andrews McMeel
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
size: 272x216x18mm
pages: 1278:

Originally published in hardcover in 2003, The Complete Far Side was a New York Times-bestseller. Now it's back as a paperback set with a newly designed slipcase that will delight Far Side fans. Revered by its fans as the funniest, most original, most "What the ... ?"-inspiring cartoon ever, The Complete Far Side celebrates Larson's twisted, irreverent genius in this ultimate Far Side book. A masterpiece of comic brilliance, The Complete Far Side contains every Far Side cartoon ever syndicated presented in (more or less) chronological order by year of publication, with more than 1,100 that had never before appeared in a book. Also included are additional Far Side cartoons Larson created after his retirement. Actor, author, and comedian Steve Martin offers his sagacious thoughts in a foreword.

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