series: Francine
publisher: Secret Acres
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color

With its fascistic imagery, pubescent sexuality, raucous humor and complex political allegory, the anonymously posted webcomic, slechtemeisjes, became an instant cult phenomenon, hailed as the "Greatest Comic of All Time" by CBR.

Now, the enigmatic, controversial and provocative creator of Wayward Girls, Michiel Budel, delivers his debut graphic novel, Francine. Teens can be deceiving, and Francine is exceptionally so. She murders her bully, fakes her own death, steals her best friend’s mother and makes any situation uncomfortably sexual. She’s awful. Everyone loves her. You will, too.

Simon Hanselmann, author of Megahex, writes:

“i love this shit. i think i love it so much because i can't quite figure it out. nobody else is doing what budel is doing. nothing else is this innocently(?) perverted. it reads like a weird erotic nightmare, which are my favourite type of dreams.”

Go on a unique, naively erotic, geopolitically savvy adventure with Francine, the most wayward of girls.

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