Drawing Beautiful Women - The Frank Cho method

artist: Frank Cho
series: Frank Cho
publisher: Flesk
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 120:

Frank Cho's exquisite line and masterful brushstrokes are explored to give the beginning artist, along with the most advanced professional, all the tools and knowledge to draw beautiful women. No area is overlooked as chapters cover demonstrations on how to draw the overall figure, then continue with the head, hair, neck, torso, back, arms, hands, pelvis and legs through clear, step-by-step procedures. Drawing Beautiful Women is enhanced by Frank's wit and flair for entertainment, as he interjects humor throughout the book for a fun and playful experience. Frank's pen-and-ink and brush styles, plus the ballpoint pen, are each represented. A chapter devoted to painting shows two complete works from start to finish. The process of the cover painting is revealed in detail, followed by a second radiant woman in oils. Examples of his work being digitally colored and two gatefolds are also included.

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