Hamilton Sketchbook

publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
language: English

"A glimpse into one person's vulnerable and unpretentious attempt to transcend his personal limitations." --Quill & Quire

Compared to what he left behind he thinks it is a land of opportunity. And his pens don�t freeze outside in winter any more. But David Collier finds he has more worries and concerns now. The urban landscapes filling his sketchbooks make him feel even more remote as an artist then he did on the prairies. The sketchbooks were supposed to document and affirm his new life! Instead their pages become a space where his anxieties wrestle with his desire for a home.
As eccentric, diverting, curious, wry and compassionate in life as in his work, David Collier has distilled 20 years of criss-crossing Canada into his books. Fascinated by forgotten people and kooky stories, his work reflects a uniquely Canadian mix of wide-eyed whimsy and prairie-frozen wit.

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