series: Hicksville
publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
language: English
pages: 264:

One of the best graphic novels of the past decade, back in print.

�Dylan Horrocks is clever, funny, and very, very good at making comic books. His characters grab you and haunt you and even make you worry for them. Buy this guy�s comics. He knows what he�s doing.� �Frank Miller (Dark Knight Returns)

�[Hicksville] is at once a celebration of the richness of the comics artform� - Detroit Metro Times

�A languid, Borgesian tale of love and theft that treats comics -- and an unabashed love of the medium's folksy energy and rhythms -- with poetic weight. [Hicksville] is a classic.��Austin American Statesman

One of the first contemporary graphic novels is now back in print with a new cover and introduction. Considered to be a classic by many, Hicksville was named a �Book of the Year� by The Comics Journal and received nominations for two Ignatz Awards, a Harvey Award and two Alph�Art Awards (Best Album and the Critics� Prize).

World-famous cartoonist Dick Burger has earned millions and become the most powerful man in the comics industry. However, behind his rapid rise to success, there lies a dark and terrible secret, as biographer Leonard Batts discovers when he visits Burger�s hometown of Hicksville in remote New Zealand. Hicksville is where the locals treasure comics and the library stocks Action Comics #1.

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