Hilda and the Midnight Giant

series: Hilda
volume: 2
publisher: No Brow
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 44: Hard Cover

The day has finally come, Hilda and the Midnight Giant is out! Orders will ship with a free Hilda poster while stocks last so don’t hesitate!

After the phenomenal success of Hildafolk (Nobrow © 2010) we are very pleased to announce that Hilda is being granted her own album-style series, beginning with Hilda and the Midnight Giant. In the first volume of the new series, Hilda finds her world turned upside down as she faces the prospect of leaving her snow-capped birthplace for the hum of the megalopolis. Her mother, an architect, has been offered a prestigious position in the bustling metropolis that she would find hard to reject. Besides, the tiny elven creatures making a daily habit of bombarding them with threats isn’t making Hilda’s case any better. As she seeks ways to stall her mother’s decision, Hilda rushes to befriend the very source of her malady – will they help or hinder her? More importantly, who is this mysterious Midnight Giant?

Here is what Paul Gravett, author of 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die had to say about it:

“From Hildafolk to Everything We Miss, Luke Pearson seems to have a ‘thing’ about the unseen, the invisible, those uncanny occurrences and critters sharing our world but never being noticed by us. Hilda and the Midnight Giant pursues this fixation. Little Hilda is back, savvy and sweet, all big eyes, pointy nose, blue hair, freckles, beret and big boots. She longs to stay in the home with her Mum where she was born, high in the hills, deep in the countryside. But the local “hidden people” have other ideas and have been bombarding the household with tiny letters demanding that they leave. Hilda will have none of this but then chaos ensues as the “people of the Northern Elven Valley” start to implement their forcible eviction from the premises. Hilda’s Mum is all for moving out to the town but Hilda insists they stay. Her Mum gives in but only on the condition that Hilda finds a way somehow to befriend these elves. Channelling Tove Jansson and Hayao Miyazaki, Pearson is developing his chops still further here, crafting pages as crisp and appealing as the best all-ages bande dessinée albums of today. Hilda is the perfect plucky little heroine for this endearing 21st century folklore.”

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