Hotwire comics volume 3

volume: 3
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 138:

Tim Lane's "Spike," Onsmith's "Dispossession by Tornado" and Mack White's "Roadside Hell" named "Notable Comics" in The Best American Comics 2011

The Harvey and Eisner nominated anthology of action, thrills, chills and trangression is back with a third volume! Anything goes in Hotwire, eschewing literary high-mindedness for a pure, gut-wrenching viscerality that you can tune in and rest your brain on after a long day.

Hotwire the third leaps off the page from the get-go with David Sandlin’s “Infernal Combustion,” about boozing it up in a broke-down caddy, and Tim Lane’s bit of freight-hopping grit, “Spike.” Underground comics legend Mary Fleener returns with “The Judge,” a true tale about her own life fending off thugs… with a .38! Meanwhile, Hotwire Captain Glenn Head spins the biography of German surrealist Hans Bellmer as a down and out Vaudevillian in decadent Weimar Berlin. R. Sikoryak turns in a brand new batch of "Masterpiece Comics", as Dennis the Menace stars as Prince Hamlet! Other creepy delights: Rick Altergott delivers a fable of a child-molesting clown pleasuring himself in the suburbs, while Matti Hagelberg’s “Passion of Atte” is a modern-day Dante’s Inferno of comics.

There’s also more knockout work and crazy visuals by Mark Dean Veca, Johnny (Angry Youth Comix) Ryan, Mats?!, Max Andersson, Sam Henderson, Steve Cerio, Stephane Blanquet, Doug Allen, Michael (Tales Designed to Thrizzle) Kupperman, Danny Hellman, Mack White, David Paleo, Chadwick Whitehead, Onsmith, Karl Wills and Jayr Pulga. Looking for laffs? A psychic jolt? A partner for your next trip? Look no further than… Hotwire!

"Editor Head’s third helping of outrageously in-your-face comics ranges the continuum from the proudly offensive and willfully stupid to the genuinely artful." – Gordon Flagg, Booklist

"Hotwire is an anarchic blitz of inspired absurdity that somehow avoids collapsing into nonsense. It preserves the spirit of such earlier underground comic anthologies as Zap and Raw... Hotwire can be crude, even offensive, but it’s almost always fun. It also features some amazing artwork blown up to an impressive 12 by 9 inches. ...Hotwire Comics Vol. 3 is about as entertaining as comics get. It also might provoke a thought or three." – Garrett Martin, Boston Herald

Praise for past volumes:

"Now we've seen it, and can confirm: the new Hotwire is in fact good enough to eat..." – Mairead Case

"Hotwire Comics Vol. 2... continues the title's standard for packing as many harshly drawn tales of scumminess, dread, and revenge into one volume as possible. Pieces by Danny Hellman, Ivan Brunetti, Chadwick Whitehead, Johnny Ryan, and a masterwork by Glenn Head make the pages pulse. I'm pretty crazy about the stuff this publisher does..." – Harry Allen

"This book is the very definition of a solid anthology... Its over-sized presentation puts to good use its line-up of talented visual-driven cartoonists."" – The Comics Reporter

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