I love led zeppelin

publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 112:

I Love Led Zeppelin is a long-awaited collection of strips by the Harvey and Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Ellen Forney. This book includes full-page comics published in prestigious weeklies such as the L.A. Weekly and Seattle's The Stranger, as well as the leading feminist magazine, Bust, and the Oxford American. Her strips are characterized by bold, sensual brushstrokes and striking images of powerful, butt-kicking women. While most of the stories sprang from Forney's own inspiration, some are collaborations with such luminaries as comedian Margaret Cho, novelist (and Al Gore's daughter) Kristin Gore, writer and editor Dan Savage, writers David Schmader and Tamara Paris, Forney's beloved Grandma Florence, and Camille Paglia. Several of Forney's strips fall into the "How-To" category, although this is not your standard advice column fare: topics range from the practical ("How to Tip Your Server") to the whimsical ("How to Twirl Your Tassles in Opposite Directions") to the fascinating but hopefully never-needed ("How to Sew On an Amputated Finger"). Other strips include "The Final Soundtrack," a death fantasy involving blood, glamour, and Led Zeppelin; "How to Smoke Pot and Stay Out of Jail"; "How to Talk About Drugs with Your Kid"; "How to Fuck a Woman with Your Hands"; "How to Be a Fabulous Fag Hag" (an illustrated interview with Margaret Cho); "Seattle's Erotic Landmarks"; and "Memories of Love," a graphic tour of Courtney Love's rise and fall of celebritydom.

2007 Eisner Award nominee: Best Reality-Based Work

"Forney composes big, beautiful scenes, sometimes sketching whole narratives in a single panorama." – The Stranger

"Sweet, funny, and refreshing." – Trina Robbins, From Girls to Girrrlz

"Forney's pro-bisexual politics and endearing drawings have been benefitting the renowned Northwestern alternative weekly The Stranger for years... Don't miss her fishnet stockings, either." – Girlfriends

"This gleeful book collects a bunch of Forney's "how-to" comics, which are more entertaining than they are practical. For instance, on one page she shows us how to reattach an amputated finger -- we may never need to know this information, but it certainly makes an awesome comic! I love Forney's bright colors, high energy and seemingly boundless well of ideas. This big book could make a good gift, too." – USA Today Pop Candy

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