Impossible People

A completely average recovery story

artist: Julia Wertz
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 320: Hard Cover

In her keenly observed graphic memoir, celebrated cartoonist Julia Wertz chronicles her haphazard attempts at sobriety and the relentlessly challenging, surprisingly funny, and occasionally absurd cycle of addiction and recovery. Opening at the culmination of a disastrous trip to Puerto Rico, Julia stands stupefied in the middle of the jungle beside a rental Jeep she's just crashed. From this moment, the story flashes back to the beginning of her five-year journey towards sobriety that includes group therapy sessions, relapses, an ill-fated relationship, terrible dates, and an unceremonious eviction from her New York City apartment. Impossible People portrays the lesser told but more common story of addiction: That the road to recovers is not always linear.

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