In my darkest hour

publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 128:

The Age of Anxiety has never been better depicted in comics form than in In My Darkest Hour, a modernist, mainstream graphic novel that explores the inner life of its protagonist, Omar Guerrero, a 28 year-old Latin American transient, who confronts his pervasive feelings of inadequacy, anger, guilt, and escalating alienation. The first full-length graphic novel from Pop Life collaborator Wilfred Santiago, in a lovely two-color format.

"For a wild take on the subconscious, immerse yourself in In My Darkest Hour. Wilfred Santiago's first graphic novel tracks Omar Guerrero, a pudgy guy who clings to his youth through affairs with sweet young things. Bipolar, vaguely threatening, racked by Catholic guilt and amorphously artistic, Guerrero dabbles in pornography as he works his tortuous way toward peace and productivity. Guerrero isn't likable but he's compelling, and Santiago's art makes his story magnetic... [Santiago] is an authority on despair." – Boston Globe

"Brilliantly drawn and unrelentingly grim." – Publishers Weekly

"Wilfred Santiago's challenging and frequently breathtaking In My Darkest Hour was one of the most under-discussed, significant comics works of the last decade." – Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter (2011)

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