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artist: Joe Sacco
series: Joe Sacco
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 120: Hard Cover

The time has come to follow award-winning cartoon journalist Joe Sacco on one of the most dangerous beats of all — namely the world of rock 'n' roll. The centerpiece of the book is "In the Company of Long Hair," the early-90s graphic novelette Sacco created on the subject of his raucous European tour with the punk band the Miracle Workers. "Long Hair" appears here for the first time in an expanded version with an added 15-page section of his original sketches and notes from the time, and a bound-in CD featuring an excerpt from the Miracle Workers' live shows including a blasting version of the Iggy Pop classic "I Got a Right." As for the rest of the book: Sacco turns his pitiless pen on all strata of Rock 'n' Roll, from old rockers (two stories on the Rolling Stones) to new; from salacious gossip to how-to ("Woodstock in your Own Home"); from portraits of typical rock creatures ("Record Producer," "The Musician Who Wanted to Save the World"; "The Rock Journalist") to self-deprecating autobiographical stories. None of these has been collected before, and over 20, done for German magazines and papers while Sacco was living in Berlin, have actually never been published at all in English and are being translated for this edition! PLUS! A 16-page section of Joe's wild live rock show posters from his days in Berlin, including both long-forgotten acts and some pretty famous ones!

"Sacco's at the vanguard." – Art Spiegelman

"Serious comics journalism has remained a rarity, Joe Sacco being a stellar exception." – Spin

"Sacco uses the comic book format to its fullest extent, creating bold perspectives that any photojournalist would envy." – Utne Reader

"Sacco's compulsively detailed, realistic drawings provide tremendous emotional information beyond his powerful text." – Publishers Weekly

"Call Joe Sacco the moral draughtsman... we're in his debt." – Christopher Hitchens

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