Volume 3

artist: Clark Bint
series: Killtopia
volume: 3
publisher: BHP
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 64:

Killtopia is set in future Japan, and follows a salvage hunter called Shinji and his robot sidekick, Crash. Raise total hell! Shinji and Crash are reunited after an explosive siege at Stiletto Corp. Now, Crash must use his code to cure the lethal nano disease that has crippled the planet. Meanwhile, Stiletto has an identity crisis after her near-death experience. Her celebrity status ruined, she begins a path of redemption to bring balance to the city's twisted society. Far away, a dire new threat is stirring deep within the ruins of Killtopia. Yurei, a malfunctioning line of companion dolls, has developed a god complex and seeks to rewrite the human species forever. War is only a few lines of code away...

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