The Kat who walked in Beauty

The Panoramic Dailies of 1920

publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 114: Hard Cover

Presenting a unique, stand-alone companion to our Krazy & Ignatz series. The Kat Who Walked In Beauty collects many rare and unique dailies from the 1910s and 1920s. Though many readers are aware of Herriman's dynamic Sunday pages, few know that during 1920, in what must have been an editorially unrestrictive period for Herriman, he drew some of the most graphic and brilliantly conceived daily strips ever created; they look like "mini-Sunday" strips. This nine-month stretch of dailies, never-before-reprinted, is among the treasures included in this collection. The collection includes many other Herriman gems, including the very first stand-alone Krazy & Ignatz strips from 1911, and the illustrations from Herriman"s Krazy Kat Jazz pantomime/ballet, performed to captivated New York audiences in 1922. This book fills in several gaps in the daily strip history, reproduced at close to their original size.

(Note: the first printing, with a green spine and interior spot color, is sold out.)

"I believe that just about everything concerning personal expression in comics can be traced back to impulses that parade through George Herriman's Krazy Kat, and this freakishly beautiful and surprisingly modest art object... puts that notion into full display... The Kat Who Walked in Beauty may be the best book I've ever seen in helping explain the feature's many virtues." – The Comics Reporter

"The Kat Who Walked In Beauty presents sprawling page after sprawling page of elegantly spare pen-scratches and colorfully gnarled dialect. Rich in detail and complex gag construction, these 'panoramic dailies' are essential Americana: whimsical, funky, and wonderfully strange... [Grade:] A" – The Onion

"Wow... Beauty chronicles Herriman at the top of his game and thus is an absolutely essential purchase for serious comic strip fans." – Panels and Pixels

"Magnificently luxurious... The love triangle between a police dog, a brick-flinging mouse, and the Kat who adores him more or less defies description; but it was a landmark in the art." – The Telegraph (UK)

"With its supremely elegant, silver-embossed black cloth cover, The Kat Who Walked in Beauty is a contender for most gorgeous book of 2007. Its contents, mainly cartoon maestro George Herriman's wide-format 'Krazy Kat' comic strips from 1920, make its beauty far more than skin deep." – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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