Hernandez Satyricon

volume: 15
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 80:

There's a tear on the back side (across the stomach of the one-string-bass player). This has been laminated over so it's probably happened during printing.

It's the last collection of work from the first volume of the Love and Rockets series! Hernandez Satyricon collects the "unclassifiable" stuff from the previous three years (issues #40-50) that doesn't fall within the "Chester Square" or "Luba Conquers the World" storylines, plus rare pieces never published in the pages of Love and Rockets. This volume features such stories as "The KKK Comes to Hoppers" by Jaime, "Death, God and the Devil Are One" from Gilbert, "Hernandez Satyricon" and "War Paint" in which Gilbert and Jaime, respectively, drew stories using each other's characters, Gilbert's experimental, autobiographical "My Love Book," Jaime's adaptation of stories written as a child, and "Somewhere in the Tropics," which marks the glorious return of wayward brother Mario! It's easily the wildest and most outlandish volume yet, featuring lots of hard-to-find stories, illustrations, and special features that show the Bros. at their most adventurous and experimental.

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