Complete History

artist: Walt Disney
series: Mickey Mouse
publisher: Taschen
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
Hard Cover
genres: classic

On November 18, 1928, the world's most famous mouse made his very first debut. Today, we celebrate 90 years of Mickey in one of the most expansive illustrated publications on the Disney universe. Starting with the first sketches of a character originally named Mortimer, we trace the career of Walt's and Ub's most famous creation. With unlimited access to the Disney archives and public and private collections, the authors bring Mickey's success story to life: concept art, story sketches, backgrounds, and animation drawings as well as historical photographs trace the origins and evolution of such timeless favorites as Steamboat Willie, The Band Concert, and Brave Little Tailor. Unfinished projects, many of them presented for the first time through original storyboard drawings, unveil a Mickey that might have been. Extensive archival research sheds new light on little-known chapters of Mickey's career, such as his pioneering radio shows, the origins of the Mickey Mouse Club, or his use as a patriotic icon during World War Two. Today, at the tender age of 90, Mickey remains as lovable and popular as ever.

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