Sunday Afternoons

volume: 3
publisher: Andrews McMeel
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
size: 276x214x10mm
pages: 144:

MUTTS is, to put it simply, the best comic strip produced in North America today." -The Infodad Page's five-star review

Giant events, earth-shaking themes, complex issues...all of these can make for captivating cartoons. But it's the artist who can take the simple, keep it simple, and still tell a story that really stands apart from the crowd. Patrick McDonnell, creator of MUTT's Mooch the cat and Earl the dog, is such a cartoonist.

The quickest way to absorb McDonnell's mastery of his art is to pick up this third MUTTS treasury, in which frame after frame and strip after strip he consistently displays his wit, cleverness, and ability with a pen. Mutts is the perfect way to escape into what appears to be an easygoing, carefree world. But just beneath the characters' banter and endearing mannerisms are the universal concerns of animals and people alike. The cartoonist's sparing style and gentle humor invites readers to fill out the frames with their own imaginations.

Nationally, McDonnell has received awards ranging from Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year to Newspaper Comic Strip of the Year. He has also received such worldwide praise as being named the Swedish Academy of Comic Art's Best International Comic Strip Artist. This strip's a winner the world around!

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