Occupy Comics

artist: Anthology
series: Occupy Comics
publisher: Black Mask
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color

The largest, most star-studded coalition of socially-conscious creators in the history of comics is now a book -- and it's already a modern classic. "Nearly 30 years after publishing V for Vendetta, writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd are throwing their support behind the global Occupy movement that's drawn inspiration from their comic's anti-totalitarian philosophy and iconography... Moore will contribute a long-form prose piece to the Occupy Comics project... Lloyd signed onto the growing Occupy Comics project [along with] Madman's Mike Allred and American Splendor's Dean Haspiel.... [their] support for Occupy Comics is another worthy piece of the 99 percent's overdue payback." -Scott Thill, Wired Launched in the early days of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Comics debuted with three goals: to provide a forum for artistic expression about the goals and themes of the Occupy movement, to create a time-capsule of the protests, and to raise funds to support the protesters (even now, all Occupy Comics profits are donated to Occupy-related initiatives). "The support of Moore and Lloyd is notable both because of the weight they carry in the comics community, and because it was their comic, V for Vendetta, which first introduced the Guy Fawkes masks regularly worn by Occupy Wall Street protesters." -Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly Presenting a chorus of voices as diverse as the movement itself, Occupy Comics has inspired, shocked, enlightened, and provoked with its unique array of points of view... what they all share is authenticity. Featuring a murderer's row of comic book legends while also debuting some of the hottest new creators around, Occupy Comics will stand the test of time. "A perfect marriage of comics and politics." -Brett Schenker, Graphic Policy

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