Paul Moves Out

series: Paul
publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
language: English
pages: 120: Hard Cover

Michel Rabagliati crafts stories that are easily accessible to both young adult and adult audiences with his semifictional protagonist, Paul. This time Paul encounters another step into adulthood by moving out of his parent's house and into his first apartment with his girlfriend , enjoying life's pleasures as well as confronting its challenges.

Praise for Michel Rabagliati:

"Both funny and touching, Michel Rabagliati's Paul Has a Summer Job, has an authenticity sorely lacking in most forms of entertainment, not least of all comix; it reminds you of what you really enjoy literature for -- the chance to connect to others and what's real -- and get away from superficiality and irony." --TIME.COM

"Rabagliati's confessional writing is free of self-loathing, and his black-and-white panels eschew half-tones for a spirited line that adeptly conveys the messiness and joy of youth." --ED PARK, THE VILLAGE VOICE


This book won the Doug Wright Award for Best book of 2005 and is a Golden Oak Award nominee.

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