Pippi Moves In!

volume: 1
publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
publish date:
language: English
coloring: four color
Hard Cover


Pippi Moves In marks the first time that the legendary Pippi Longstocking comics by famed children’s author and creator Astrid Lindgren and Danish illustrator Ingrid Vang Nyman will be published outside of Scandinavia in thirty years, as well as their first ever publication in English.

The outspoken strong-girl with the carrot-colored pigtails and the mismatched socks has enthralled generations of children the world over with her fabulous exploits at Villa Villekulla, where she lives with her horse and monkey. Countless translations of the chapter books are available in over sixty languages. Pippi is Sweden’s best-known children’s export, making it all the more remarkable that Drawn & Quarterly has discovered what will be a three volume series.

The comics are re-imaginings of the classic chapter book stories and were originally published in the Swedish magazine Humpty Dumpty in 1957–1959, a decade after the original books. The comics spotlight both Lindgren’s brilliant writing and Vang Nyman’s bold, bright colors that seem presciently and eerily modern. The original illustrator for the chapter books, Vang Nyman was a very talented children’s book illustrator and an avant-garde champion of the importance of children’s literature, insisting that art in children’s books needed to meet the same esthetic standards as art in any other medium. Vang Nyman died in 1959, while Lindgren went on to become one of the world’s best loved writers with over 145 million books sold worldwide.

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