Prince Valiant Vol. 19: 1973-1974

artist: Hal Foster
volume: 19
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
Hard Cover
genres: knights

In Fantagraphics’ latest volume of the award-winning series, Prince Valiant is sent to defend the borders against invading barbarians, but it is young Arn who takes center stage as he travels to his homeland and loses his heart to Lydia, daughter of Haakon the Sea-Rover. Their romance is battered by battlefield conflicts, court conspiracies, assassination, and suicide, before a misunderstanding leaves Arn at sea again. Escaping from a castle beset by siege and plague, Arn encounters Sir Gawain and joins him on the jousting circuit. The two become trapped in a lost, lush land presided over by the mad Duke Cyril and the entombed object of his desire. In Thule, Prince Valiant defends the King of the Inner Lands from a war party led by a giant.

Also: Hal Foster's complete 1943 comic-strip adaptation of Franz Werfel’s popular novel The Song of Bernadette. Sam and Silo co-creator and Beetle Bailey gag-writer Jerry Dumas introduces this volume with a remembrance of his friendship with Prince Valiant artist John Cullen Murphy.

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