Strictly Business

series: Rocky
volume: 2
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 112:

To start things off, Rocky manages to wheedle himself a free trip to New York as a reporter covering a gaming convention; a glutton for punishment, he looks up the girl he knocked up in Rocky Vol. 1 and gets a BIG suprise! Rocky Vol. 2: Strictly Business is Fritz the Cat meets Jane Austen!?! Basically, it's the pottymouthed animal-headed Seinfeld-esque comic strip we've all come to love. Wont you join us for more?

"Very funny... the universal situations, along with Kellerman’s wit — which comes across even in translation — makes for a very enjoyable reading experience." – "You Should Be Reading Rocky," The Beat (Publishers Weekly)

"...Kellerman's portrayal of Rocky, faults and all, is so genuine and unflattering to himself that it's difficult not to feel a real human connection with this cartoon dog." – Publishers Weekly

"This collection of strips is a laugh riot, full of moments that will instantly ring true to anyone who's ever been 23 and desperate for attention." – The Patriot-News

"It's being acclaimed as the funniest Swedish comic of our time, but it's more than that. Rocky is the long awaited generation novel that no one else has written." – Jan Gradvall, Café

"Rocky is what an American newspaper comic might look like if the American newspaper comics page didn't suck." – Metro

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