Skibber Bee Bye

publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
language: English

Ron Rege Jr. creates his own visual poetry that sets him apart from other cartoonists as one of the most original artists to enter the medium in the past decade. His storytelling is neither linear nor altogether accessible, however, his recognizable thin line and cute characters draw you into a dreamlike, sensitive, fantasy world that, as odd as it seems, is entirely realistic.

"Ron Rege is one of a handful of cartoonists in the history of the medium to not only reinvent comics to suit his own idiosyncratic impulses and inspirations as an artist, but to also imbue it with his own peculiar, ever-changing emotional energy. To me, he is unquestionably one of "the greats."
--Chris Ware

"Reducing the world to an arcane iconography of shapes, Skibber Bee~Bye creator Rege has developed an odd, childlike language of drawing that verges on pictorial calligraphy."
--The Face [UK]

"Skibber Bee~Bye is the product of a remarkable and articulate new cartoon style for which the only context is the sensibility that created it."--Print Magazine

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