The Cost of Doing Business

volume: 2
publisher: Humanoids
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 272:

Superstar artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Happy!) is joined by acclaimed artists Simon Bisley, Clint Langley, Colin MacNeil, and Gabo for the second pulse-pounding volume, written by Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey!
A Space Bastard can be anything-pervert, dope fiend, refugee, drunk, thief, or psychopath-but they don't care what you call them. All that matters is delivering packages and getting paid. That is, until a vicious attack leaves much of their number dead. Then, all that matters is sweet, sweet revenge! Lunatics like these don't want to be district manager or employee of the month. A Postal Carrier stays in the job because they've found the one thing in the IPS they couldn't find anywhere else: a home. One they will defend until the bitter end!

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