The Book of Maggor Thoom

publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 160:

On the dark and shadowy surface of a living black hole resides one Maggor Thoom, demon. After endless eons of success as the star employee of the Insanity Acquisition Department, he has lost his passion and purpose. Yet he knows all to well that those who do not drink the Antediluvian Kool-Aid are soon fed to the ravenous Maw. To save himself from annihilation, Mr. Thoom sets off on a desperate journey of self-discovery: he flees The Void and seeks help on a small, blue orb known as Earth. Unfortunately for Thoom, his arrival is detected by the Archon Hunters, an organization dedicated to protecting the world from eldritch horrors such as himself. Immediately two crack hunters are dispatched from headquarters. Their task: hunt down and terminate with extreme prejudice the potential World Destroyer.

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