The Collected Doug Wright Volume One

Canada's master cartoonist

artist: Doug Wright
volume: 1
publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 240: Hard Cover
genres: artcartoon

The first of a historic two-volume set, Doug Wright: Canada's Master Cartoonist presents the first-ever comprehensive look at the life and career of one of the most-read and best-loved cartoonists of the 1960s. Compiled in cooperation with Wright's family, it draws from thousands of pieces of art, pictures, letters, and the artist's own journals, to provide a fully rounded view of Doug Wright, both as a cartoonist and as an individual.

Volume One follows the artistic development of the British-born cartoonist from his earliest unpublished work to the first days of his most enduring comic strip, Nipper. First published in 1949, a full year before the debut of Peanuts, this wordless strip perfectly captured the humorous and frustrating side of parenting for several generations of both young and old. Remembered by many for his cartoon children's striped shirts and bald heads, Nipper quickly grew into a Canadian phenomenon.

Designed by the acclaimed cartoonist & Peanuts designer Seth (George Sprott) and featuring a biographical essay by writer Brad Mackay, this lavish hardcover collection gives Wright's career the recognition it has long been due. The introduction is by one of the most famous working cartoonists today, Lynn Johnston, of the syndicated heavy weight comic strip For Better or For Worse.

Harcover, 240 pages, 9 x 14 inches, color.

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