Featuring Mode O'day and her Pals

volume: 15
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
size: 220x281mm
pages: 118: Hard Cover

It's the swinging 80's period of Crumb's career now featured in the multiple award-winning Complete Crumb Comics series. The mid-1980s period of Crumb's career is compiled in this 15th volume of the series, a period that many critics consider to be the richest of Crumb's career. Anchored by Crumb's contributions to the seminal anthology Weirdo, created and edited by Crumb, this volume includes the first several appearances of classic Crumb character Mode-O-Day, the networking fashion plate that serves as a foil for some of Crumb's most biting satire about America's cultural elite. Also included are Crumb's first collaborations with the late writer Charles Bukowski, as well as several collaborations with Harvey Pekar from his autobiographical series American Splendor. The book is rounded out with a color section that includes rare album art for various jazz and blues greats, as well reproductions of his various comic book covers from this period.

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