series: The Ganzfeld
volume: 5
publisher: Gingko Press
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 248:

The Ganzfeld returns with a special issue devoted mostly to Canadian and Japanese artists. From Japan, legendary animator and designer Keiichi Tanaami contributes a 20 page section of new work. Cartoonists King Terry, Shigeru Sugiura, Yuichi Yokoyama, and Tanioka all are represented with substantial amounts of their work printed in English for the very first time.
This nearly 80-page section will be a manga-lover’s delight. Also featured in the Japan section is EYE (from the Boredoms). From Canada, Marc Bell, Julie Doucet, Scott Evans, Marc Connery and Destroyer’s Dan Bejar will all be featured.

From beyond Japanada, artist Jim Shaw contributes a section of his visionary dream drawings, British illustrator Will Sweeney is featured with a brand new comic story, and the issue is filled out by articles on record cover designer Barney Bubbles (The Damned, Elvis Costello), mushrooms, and Steve Gerber (the creator of Howard the Duck).

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