The complete sundays:Volume Five 1953-1956

series: The Phantom
volume: 5
publisher: Hermes Press
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
Hard Cover

The long anticipated fifth volume of the reprint of the entire run of Lee Falk's full color Phantom Sundays, with art by Wilson McCoy, arrives! As with Hermes Press' complete reprint of The Phantom dailies, this book contains every strip digitally reconstructed to perfection. Presented in Volume Five of the Complete Sundays are twelve storylines which encompass, 'Madcap Miriam' (May 31, 1953- Oct 19, 1953) to 'The Rattle' (August 26, 1956- January 13, 1957). In addition to the strips this volume contains documentary materials and a detailed essay.

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