The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski

publisher: Dkp
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 208: Hard Cover
genres: sketch

Poplaski is an "artist's artist," widely admired by the comics industry cognoscenti. He drew ten definitive BATMAN and SUPERMAN covers for the historic Sundays and Dailies series co-published by DC Comics & Kitchen Sink Press in the '80s and '90s. He was Kitchen Sink's Art Director for many years, working closely with and designing books for Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner, Milton Caniff, R. Crumb and other cartooning giants. Poplaski authored and designed the recent Best-Seller (100,000+ copies 1st month), THE R. CRUMB HANDBOOK (MQP Publishing). Poplaski's eccentric penchant for dressing in costume as ZORRO was pictured in both the New York Times and New Yorker and captured earlier in the pages of Crumb's Hup! and within this sketchbook.

The bottom line is that Poplaski is an extraordinary artist in his own right. The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski contains several hundred finely detailed observations of people and places, many in the small town in France where he lives, near Robert and Aline Crumb, two of his biggest fans. Others professionals contributing back cover blurbs: Will Eisner, Frank Miller, Mark Schultz and Harlan Ellison.

Hardcover with dust jacket. 208 pages. The case-bound cover is silk-screened in three colors. Fully illustrated throughout.

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