The Viewer

artist: Shaun Tan
series: The Viewer
publisher: Simply Read Books
publish date:
language: English
Hard Cover
genres: kids

For Tristan, the city dump was a treasure trove full of mystery. He would take each sad, broken and dirty thing apart to see how each could be made to tick, or whirr or ring. Then he found the box. It was filled with lenses, microscope, monocle, magnifying glass and a viewmaster. What Tristan saw through the dark orbs as he clicked the viewer was like nothing he had ever seen before.

Afraid, Tristan tried to pull the viewer from his eyes, but he could not. Something compelled him to keep looking, to try — against his own wishes, to actually enter this thing, this machine.... In the morning when Tristan had not come down, his mom called but there was not answer. She went to his bedroom, knocked and went it. Tristan’s bed was empty, but on his desk was a box, its lid closed, its latch firmly locked, which was curious, very curious indeed.....

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