Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions

publisher: Top Shelf
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 336:
genres: anthology

Co-edited by Rob Goodin and Brett Warnock, Top Shelf Asks The Big Questions, features the controversial Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie Cobweb story, previously banned by DC Comics from the ABC/Wildstorm anthology Tomorrow Stories, providing Moore's heroine and her fans with the sense of completion they are due. Note: The story is published in its original form, but to respect DC's copyright on "Cobweb," the story has been re-titled "La Toile" (the French word for "The Web"). Deep inside this behemoth anthology, replete with full-color and two-color sections, you'll find: a tribute to Charles Schulz, with strips by Chris Ware, Seth, Ivan Brunetti, Joe Matt, Tony Millionaire, Tom Hart and more; an amazing collection of international comics by Jason, Martin Tom Dieck, Nicolas Mahler, Ulf K, Winshluss, and the Swiss comics collective Atrabile; plus stateside inkstuds like Matt Madden, Renée French, Josh Simmons, Jesse Reklaw, Mack White, James Kochalka, James Sturm, Steve Weissman, Peter Kuper, and the Robot Publishing Posse; and a career spanning interview and portfolio section with David Chelsea. All wrapped in eye-popping cover art by rising star Tomer "Midnight Mass cover artist" Hanuka, this is the biggest and most beautiful Top Shelf ever!

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