The Complete Collection

volume: 5
publisher: Cinebook
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 160: Hard Cover

In this volume of the Collection you will find books 13 to 15, and our heroes' life has been irretrievably changed with the disappearance of future Earth and Galaxity. Lacking work, they become freelance spies in the 80s in On the Frontiers. Lacking money, they're reluctant arms dealers in The Living Weapons. Lacking options, they turn investigators slash bait on corrupt Rubanis in The Circles of Power. The apparent descent into hell of the two former agents is the chance for the authors to study the ambiguities of our world, either directly or through the lens of alien civilzsations; along with the ambiguity of the titular character, saved from a fall from grace by his ever irreproachable partner.

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