artist: Dave Cooper
series: Weasel
volume: 7
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 101: Hard Cover

A collection of luscious oil paintings in tribute to pillowy female forms. Subtitled "Additional Observations on the Beauty/Ugliness of Mostly Pillowy Girls," Underbelly is a hardcover art book featuring over 50 of Cooper's luminescent oil paintings and lush drawings, each focusing on the female form. Underbelly is the follow-up to Cooper's acclaimed first book of paintings, Overbite. Since the success (and immediate sell-out) of Overbite, Cooper has been producing new work at a fevered pitch for gallery shows and patrons alike. Although much of the work in Underbelly appears to have slithered out of a similar place as Overbite, this latest batch has a decidedly darker and more urban flavor.

"These girl/women with their eyes that look up to you, daring you to consider them three-dimensional. Eyes that dance, and tease, and admonish. They see you. They know who you are and what you're thinking. They will let you come only as close as your own morals allow you to." – David Cross

"Cooper continues to build on his uncompromising body of work, an oeuvre of fantastic surrealism that takes on sexual taboos with unabashed frankness and daring ambiguity." – Locus

"Dave Cooper's universe is congested with pulsating organic machinery, adorable mutants, dreamt television, archaic alien languages, erotic tomfoolery, and revelatory musing. At its center lies a cartoony soul as rich and deep and alive and beautiful as anything you'll find on earth." – Eric White, painter

"Now that [Cooper has] decided to focus on painting, renowned painters are shitting in their drawers." – Vice

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