a man in pajamas

artist: Paco Roca
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: Dutch
coloring: full color
Hard Cover

\r\nSpain\'s answer to Seinfeld, these observational, relatable autobio vignettes by Spanish cartoonist Paco Roca poke fun at the vexing tribulations of modern life. At 40, cartoonist Paco Roca has finally achieved his childhood dream - to spend all day at home in his pajamas! However, his blissful, loungewear-clad reverie is beset with a host of mundane
\r\nproblems: He dreads small talk with "the world\'s biggest bore," but his excuses and white lies are finally catching up with him. When a good friend breaks up, taking either side could lead to social disaster. The simple mission to change his train ticket descends into an
\r\nimpossibly complicated, Kafka-esque affair. And worst of all, his partner keeps hanging the toilet paper roll the wrong way! In the vein of sitcoms like Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Roca\'s comic vignettes brilliantly satirize the pesky pitfalls of modern-
\r\nday life. Like most of us, Roca\'s alter ego just wants to be liked and to do the right thing, but finds that through crippling indecision, cowardly behavior, and the absurd machinations of the universe, he is usually thwarted. The ensuing situations he finds himself embroiled in are as hilarious as they are often painfully relatable.

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