Banksy - Wall and Piece

artist: Banksy
series: Banksy
publisher: Gingko
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
size: 211 x 260mm
pages: 240:
genres: artpolitics

For sure stencil graffiti has already existed before Banksy, but not with such a presence, not in this kind. Since Banksy had become known, he has been the standard regarding stencil graffiti. He is the king of street art and – everyone wants him! Police, politicians and the press, art collectors and museums.

Most Wanted: Banksy! – That’s it!

Even law-abiding graffiti adversaries seem to doubt when thinking about his works being crimes. His pictures are fancy and provocative, humorous and political. They are placed, where no one expects them and address anybody. Those who, because of the entire wealth and daily grind, just forgot that the world is not always likely, gets reminded by Banksy, in his fairly own way.

Being wanted by police for years, he works and lives completely undercover. He does not give any interviews and only goes out in disguise to place his works. No one knows his real name and you can find numerous specs about his person in several web forums on the net.

His action art attracts a lot of media attention and helped him to gain a world-wide reputation. Nevertheless, or maybe because, he is allowed to sabotage the singing career of Paris Hilton and criticize Guantanamo at Disneyland – with expert eye and keener mind. Banksy turns politics into art and art into politics. The reason which makes him so special. Like no one else he uncovers abuses and puts them in partly trivial context – to put a smile on people’s faces, without letting the statement appearing ridiculous.

Meanwhile his works on canvas are dealt at up to 60.000 British Pounds in art scene.

The first edition of the book “BANKSY – WALL AND PIECE” (hard cover) has been published in 2005 and is now released with 32 new pages in a soft cover edition at Publikat publishing, to finally better reach the European art and design book market.

On 240 pages this book shows all must-see pictures, installations and actions of Banksy.

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