Bible of Filth

publisher: Scratch
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 300: Hard Cover

Robert Crumb’s most outrageous sexual fantasies are collected in this all new, revised edition of the comix classic Bible of Filth. This is beautiful edition, printed on bible paper, with its austere cover, ribbon marker and gilt edges, holds no clues as to its contents: R. Crumb’s most explicit comics from magazines like Snatch, Jiz, Zap, XYZ, Big Ass and Uneeda.


The first edition was published by Futuropolis in 1986 and was never released in the USA. It’s been a highly sought-after collector’s item for years. Over thirty years onwards, Scratch presents a revised and expanded edition that’s bigger in size and contains over sixty pages’ worth of extra comics from the 1968-2006 period.

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