Buddy go home

artist: Peter Bagge
volume: 4
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 120:

This first full-color Bagge book collects Hate #16-20, and tells the sad story of Buddy's return to New Jersey with his tail between his legs and (even worse) Lisa in tow. Watch and laugh as Lisa's sanity slowly deteriorates and Buddy transforms himself into an entrepreneur in the nostalgia hound racket. For the first time since the Neat Stuff days, the entire "nuclear" Bradley family returns to the foreground, ten years older since we last saw them. Enjoy the chaos that ensues when you add in Buddy's G.I.-reject younger brother Butch and his man-hating, baby-machine sister Babs. Despite the addition of inker Jim Blanchard and the move to color create the illusion of brighter times, Bagge's satire gets darker and darker, which is all for the better! That's not to say it's all doom and gloom: Buddy does buy a monster truck, after all.

"I love Hate!" – Matt Groening

"Hate is devastatingly accurate." – The Village Voice

"Probably the best underground comic of the '90s." – New Musical Express

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