Buddy's got three moms

artist: Peter Bagge
volume: 5
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 120:

Collecting Hate issues #21-25, this fifth volume follows the continuing adventures of antihero Buddy Bradley, now settled in New Jersey and back living with his girlfriend in his parents' basement. Bagge's lower-to-middle class suburban setting and strong characterizations make for a hilarious soap opera/satirical mix, and his manic and expressive drawing style and sharp observational writing have made him one of the most respected humorists of the past two decades. The quintessentially dysfunctional family risks disintegrating altogether with the death of Pops Bradley, while Lisa, Ma Bradley and sister Babs increasingly push Buddy towards a complete meltdown as he resists his place in this newfound matriarchy. Meanwhile, Buddy's junk shop ain't doin' so good, seeing as how his partner's a junkie. Other developments include the return of Stinky, the infamous shtup scene between Lisa and Babs Bradley's ex and her subsequent switch to lesbianism, and much more!

"I love Hate!" – Matt Groening

"Hate is devastatingly accurate." – The Village Voice

"Probably the best underground comic of the '90s." – New Musical Express

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