series: Idyll
publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
publish date:
language: English
pages: 96:
genres: art

Amber Albrecht's work is rooted in magic, folklore, and postfeminist neo-romanticism. The newest entry in the Petit Livre imprint of accessible art books, Idyll comprises a series of paintings, screen prints, and drawings.

Much of Albrecht's work is inspired by the dreaminess of childhood, whether expressing her cloudy recollections of the storybooks she read as a child (stories populated by strange creatures, impossible happenings, and oneiric landscapes) or the forested West Coast landscapes that surrounded her. On the pages of Idyll, a series of interconnected myths emerges fully formed, each myth articulating a sense of wistfulness for a past that never was. By turns surreal, fantastical, and absurd, Albrecht constructs these pieces with the vivid yet subtle values that are a product of her screen-printing work.

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