Job thing

artist: Carol Tyler
series: Job thing
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 72:
genres: humour

Ever have a job you really hated, wanted to kill your boss, or prayed for that winning lottery ticket to deliver you from the drudgery of yet another day at the salt mines? If so, then you'll love this collection of ten stories all about slaving at the bottom of the employment food chain. Stories include "Fool of the Arts" (horrendous experiences working at a museum), "Book Beat" (you'd think working at a book store would be an ideal job, wouldn't you?), "Job Abuse" (in which Tyler survives a framing shop job where she's stabbed through the foot by another employee) — as well as "Detour of Duty" (being introduced to jobs at a tender age) and much more. The Job Thing also includes memories of spectacularly awful jobs suffered by several famous cartoonists in leaner times. With critical acclaim and a 2006 Eisner nomination under her belt for her second book, Late Bloomer, Tyler is finally being recognized for the brilliant artist she is, and this, her first book, is a bracing introduction to her funny and often scathing voice. One of the most underrated gems in our backlist and at a great price, too.

"Tyler has the giftedness and the bite of our best political cartoonists. The Job Thing is as incisive and telling as any academic work on the subject." – Studs Terkel

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