My Shadow In The Distance

volume: 4
publisher: NBM
publish date:
edition: 1
language: English
coloring: full color

Trondheim's popular pithy and ironic little slices of life are back! Newsarama says of it: "So long as Trondheim continues creating work as strong as this, the comics world will be a bright place. "Smart and well-executed" says the Comics Reporter. Buzz has been tremendous! Posted in rotation on NBM's blog.
"I read everything by Trondheim that’s available in English. But I would have picked this up for the cover alone."
"Readers will recognize these Little Nothings as moments that everyone has in their life, but it takes someone like Trondheim make us to realize how much we all should be paying more attention to them."
-No Flying, No Tights
"Lewis Trondheim is one of the greatest living cartoonists. His work is immediately accessible, profoundly universal, and deeply hilarious. I can't think of anyone in comics other than Charles Schulz who so brilliantly and intuitively understood human nature and conveyed it and depicted it as well as Trondheim does."
-Alan David Doane, Trouble With Comics
"I thought this was the best volume since the first. This one features a bit more anxiety (a health scare) and a lot more action (many overseas trips). There's a delightful mix of fussiness and craziness in his depiction of crossing through Death Valley on a journey from Las Vegas to San Francisco. What’s remarkable about the Little Nothings series is not its light tone and loose line; instead, it's that Trondheim creates such a complex, rich, and visually exciting narrative environment for himself and his readers to explore."
-Rob Clough, The Comics Journal
"Although he may not be well-known on this side of the Atlantic, Trondheim is a true giant of the medium and deserves recognition by North American audiences. Thoughtful, pointed, and at times truly laugh-out-loud funny, My Shadow in the Distance is a hard book to put down." -Broken Frontier
"LITTLE NOTHINGS VOL.4 arrived, and that’s about as happy as I get when it comes to comics. LITTLE NOTHINGS shows us a phenomenal talent at the peak of his powers. What more could you want?" -Comics Waiting Room
"It’s all gorgeous, in beautiful, subtle colors. Trondheim travels to many places I’d never think to go, so there’s a lot of enjoyment-by-proxy in these comics, wondering if I’d feel the same way or notice the same things if I visited. Probably not, given his somewhat crotchety attitude — which also makes the comics funny in a curmudgeonly way." -Comics Worth Reading

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