Minimum Wage book one

series: Minimum Wage
volume: 1
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 72:

Meet Rob, a young guy just trying to eke out a living drawing filthy cartoons for sleazy porno magazines. It beats digging ditches for a living, but it's not how he wanted to use his talents. Between night-clubbing with his buddies, reluctantly partying with flirtatious gays and lesbians, delving into the less than glamorous world of tabloid porndom, being subjected to NYC's leather-clad S&M/performance art underworld, bopping all around Brooklyn and trying to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend, it's amazing Rob ever gets any work done. Rob is to the New York low-grade/bohemian/artist scene what Buddy Bradley is to Seattle's slacker culture, and Fingerman, drawing in a new, looser style (reminiscent of Kyle Baker's elegant renderings), tells the story with a wry wit and an attention to the economic hardships and emotional veracity of life as it's lived in the margins of the Big Apple. This all-original graphic novel introduces Fingerman's youthful cast of characters, serving as an inexpensive primer to the observant and caustic world of one of Fantagraphics' finest storytellers!

"One of the things that makes Minimum Wage so special is how Bob Fingerman has grounded his stories in such stark yet hilarious reality. You don't have to crane your neck to see yourself in his world." – comedian Dana Gould

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