Mome vol 4 spring/summer 2006

artist: Various
series: Mome
volume: 4
publisher: Fantagraphics
language: English
pages: 136:

The fourth volume of the critically-acclaimed anthology of new talent includes the following: David B. (Epileptic) returns with his second long story for Mome, the 30-page "Veiled Prophet"; R. Kikuo Johnson (Night Fisher) delivers a four-page biography of pioneering wildlife artist John James Audubon; Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy) asks, "What Were They Thinking?"; Martin Cendreda (Dang!) traces a lifetime of regret in "La Brea Woman"; Sophie Crumb (Belly Button Comix) tells a true story of young love and heroin addiction in "Melanie & Billy"; Jonathan Bennett, the subject of this issue's feature interview, explores the concept of memory in "I Remember Crowning"; Paul Hornschemeier (Mother, Come Home) returns with "Life With Mr. Dangerous"; plus more all-new stories from Gabrielle Bell, Anders Nilsen, David Heatley, John Pham, and Kurt Wolfgang. Find out why Time called Mome the best comics anthology of 2005!

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