series: Pascal Girard
publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
language: English

Jimmy is a teenager in a crummy little town. He's got a lousy best friend Simon, a porn habit and an uncle whose miserable existence is the embodiment of life stalled in its tracks. He's also got a tender soul, a pure-hearted crush and the makings of a budding artist. A horrible Youtube video of Jimmy dancing in his living room becomes viral, courtesy of Simon, and has made every sweet and hopeful thing about Jimmy seem utterly pathetic. Everyone from fellow classmates to the clerk at the corner store has seen the video, and Jimmy finds himself a celebrity in his town, just for the wrong reason. Unfortunately, the Youtube antics do not stop there.

As Pascal Girard illustrated in debut graphic novella NICOLAS, his second book again showcases his spare deceptively simple style that is but wonderfully expressive and pitch-perfect dialogue. Girard utilizes a drawn line full of tentative, exploratory and intuitive emotio

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