The Spectral Engine

artist: Ray Fawkes
series: Ray Fawkes
publisher: Random House
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 176: Hard Cover

A groundbreaking and stunningly illustrated literary graphic novel that weaves together historically documented Canadian ghost stories from across the centuries into a timeless narrative of life, death, and redemption. To catch a glimpse of the Spectral Engine is to face death itself. Decades after the Empress of Ireland, a luxury passenger steamboat, disappears into the dark waters of the St. Lawrence River along with 1,012 souls, the wreck of the ship continues to claim victims. And in a poignant story of urban isolation and the desire for human connection, a young woman discovers that loneliness transcends death. By turns chilling and moving, this breathtaking book is a powerful reminder of the deeply human yearning to be remembered.

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