Serpieri Eros I

series: Serpieri Eros
publisher: Lo Scarabeo
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 108: Hard Cover

A collection of the most beautiful erotic drawings made by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Druuna's creator, during his life.
"I have included in my stories all those elements which, as a man, I find attractive in a woman. So, the female character I created, Druuna, is precisely the woman I love the most, in her naivety and playful perversity, and in her innocence when faced with certain erotic situations."
"My idea isn't to produce pornography, but a rather strong, rather intense, highly appreciated kind of eroticism. I ought to say that I draw exactly as it comes to me, and it's the same with my stories, so if there are problems [of censorship] we adjust things in some way... That's the problem. Comics are generally thought to be published for kids, who need, therefore, to be protected. But my audience are adults, not kids. I've never imagined producing a comic for kids."

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