series: Stripburger
volume: 44
publisher: Stripburger
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 96:

Stripburger 44 released in November 2006 brings works by artists from international filed. In the profile we're presenting Vladan Nikolic, who exhibited comics, illustrations and paintings in October 2006 in Ljubljana. Special section is devoted to associaiton Les Requins Marteaux, that created comics on the NO! topic especially for this issue. Results are mostly 1-page stories. For the first time we're hosting a Japanese artsits, Akinori Oishi. Also participaiting in the issue are: Koren Shadmi (Israel), Mallin Biller (SE), Goran Dacev (Mak), Christoph Feist (DE), Anna Ehrlemark (SE/SI), Koco (SI), Attila Stark (HU), Sylvain Schnaidt (FR) and Wostok (Serbia) and Akinori Oishi, first Japan artist to be printed in Stripburger.

Available titles in this series: