The Art of Living

Reflections on Mindfulness and the Overexamined Life

publisher: Abrams
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 144: Hard Cover

In The Art of Living, cartoonist Grant Snider has created an all-new collection of one- and two-page comics that map his inner thoughts, poetic observations, and frequent failures at living mindfully. With both humor and a touch of reality, The Art of Living centers on mindfulness, but also empathy, relaxation, gratitude, and awareness - evergreen subjects that are more important and relevant now than ever. With a striking package, The Art of Living is the perfect gift for those in a need of reflection, commiseration, hope, and a little extra self-care. Above all, Snider's cartoons will inspire and encourage a more thoughtful way of experiencing the world.

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